How do I clean up bean bag filling?

So you took every precaution known to mankind when filling your new bean bag. But sadly, your living room now resembles a snow storm! Don’t worry, there is an easy way to scoop up the spilled bean bag filling from your lounge room floor!

The lightweight polyester beans that look like snowflakes are susceptible to wind and static electricity. When you spill them they can fly around your room like the wind! Using a broom or dust pan and brush only creates wind and causes the beans to fly further.

The answer to this dilemma is a vacuum cleaner! Make sure you empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner waste bag first, so you can re-use your beans! Hold the nozzle a few centimetres away from the floor or surface so that you don’t suck up dirt as well.

Always start with a clean surface before filling your bean bag. A Dyson vacuum cleaner or any other bag-less variety is the best choice!

If you are attempting to fill many bags, you may like to create a funnel by cutting of the base of a bucket or using a coca-cola bottle with the base cut off. Just make sure whatever you use is the same diameter as the spout of the bean bag liner you are attempting to fill.

If you spill your beans in a swimming pool, a standard pool cleaning leaf cleaning skimmer or leaf rake, attached to a pole. This is better than allowing the beads to enter your pool filtration system and potentially causing further damage.

If your spill is outdoors, use an outdoor vacuum cleaner rather than a blower, as a blower will only send the beads flying into areas where they are harder to collect.

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