The zipper is broken

You've just received your brand new bean bag and the zipper is broken? Is the zipper handle missing. Are you struggling to open and close the zipper. 

Our entire range of bean bags are shipped with child proof zippers, in order to comply with Australian Standards as set out by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). Importers and Distributors of Bean Bags must comply with Consumer Product Safety Standards as outlined by the Trade Practices Act.

The Act states that Bean Bag Covers, Bean Bags and packaging of bean bag filling are the subject of consumer product safety standards. The Standards aim to protect children from inhaling or ingesting the small polystyrene beads or pellets, or any other synthetic material associated with the bean bags.

All resellers and distributors must comply by ensuring the products they sell comply. Therefore, the standard zippers in all our bean bags have been removed, so that they may only be opened by an adult.

To open and close the zippers on your bean bags and the inner bag, you need to use a paper clip. By inserting a paper clip in the small hole that is usually where the zipper tab (handle) links to the zipper, the zip will release, enabling you to slide it in the normal manner.  Please note, when inserting the paper clip, that it needs to be inserted to release the zipper mechanism.  There is no need to use force or lubricants to make the zipper work.  If it does not open, it is because you have inserted the paper clip on the wrong side of the locking mechanism.  Please inspect closely through the hole where you insert the paper clip.

All zips are tested during manufacture and will work. Attempting to force the zipper open or closed will only damage it, so please do not attempt to force it open or closed.

Please ensure the zipper is completely closed once your bean bag has been filled. All our bean bags carry the required warning label, however it is the user’s responsibility to ensure the bag is completely sealed so that loose pellets or beans may not escape. Inhalation or ingestion of these bean pellets can be fatal, so please ensure your zip is closed before placing the inner liner in the bean bag.

Please note if the zipper has been damaged due to misuse, this is not covered by our returns policy.  All our zippers are checked in the factory to ensure they work.  

For further information please read the following article How to Open a Bean Bag Zipper.

WARNING: Small Lightweight Beads Present a Severe Danger to Children if Swallowed or Inhaled.

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