How much filling should I buy?

You can find the amount of beans required for your bean on its packaging. The amount of filling required is stated on the specification tab of each product page.

You may read in the reviews that some customers suggest using more filling or less filling than we recommend. That is the beautiful thing about a bean bag. You can use as much filling as you like!

Bean bags are designed to be tailored to your size, weight and body shape. You should only buy beans where the manufacturer provides details of the volume. You should not buy by weight unless you know the density. We fill hundreds of bean bags each year for events and corporate customers. We recommend an amount of filling that is used in our photographs and will make the product look like the one in the image. 

If you like your bean bag soft & squishy, you can remove some beans. If you like it hard and stiff, you van add beans. At the end of the day, it's up to you!

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