How much bean bag filling should I use?

The amount of bean bag filling you use is ultimately a personal choice. The more filling used in your bean bag, the firmer it will be. The less filling you use, the more comfortable it will be. However, larger and heavier people may want more filling in order to have increased support. Below is a guide indicating the suggested volume of bean bag filling for each of our products. 100 litres of bean bag filling weighs one kilogram. Beware of companies selling 500 gram bags of filling, as they are only fifty litres. and often they will be sold for the same price as one hundred litres. We sell filling in one hundred litre and two hundred litre options.

This is intended as a guide only as you may like to add more bean bag filling, or less, to suit your individual taste.

Filling Guide:

  • Amalfi – 500 litres
  • Bermuda Triangle - 400 litres
  • Big Bob - 500 litres
  • Big Boppa - 350 litres
  • Billy the Kid – 100 litres
  • Cabo – 200 litres
  • Capri – 500 litres
  • Cayman – 600 litres
  • Cocoon - 400 litres
  • Copacabana - 500 litres
  • Costa – 600 litres
  • Cuba - 400 litres
  • Freaky Cousin – 200 litres
  • Hayman – 350 litres
  • Large Dog Bed - 100 litres
  • Large Round Dog Bed - 200 litres
  • Legian – 250 litres
  • Malibu Day Bed - 500 litres
  • Media Lounge - 300 litres
  • Merlin - 300 litres
  • Portsea – 350 litres
  • Positano 104cm - 400 litres
  • Positano 112cm - 500 litres
  • Rio – 300 litres
  • Round Ottoman 75cm - 200 litres
  • Small Round Dog Bed - 36 litres
  • Snow White Junior - 200 litres
  • Snow White 104cm - 300 litres
  • Snow White - 112cm 400 litres
  • Snow White 120cm - 500 litres
  • Snow White - 135cm - 700 litres
  • Square Ottoman - 400 litres
  • Square Pouf - 70 litres
  • Ultimate Dog Bed - 100 litres
  • Ultimate Large Dog Bed - 200 litres

WARNING: Small Lightweight Beads Present a Severe Danger to Children if Swallowed or Inhaled.

To ensure the minimal amount of waste and reduce the hazards caused by beans being blown around your home, we suggest filling your bean bag indoors in an area free of any wind or breeze. Cut of a small corner of the filing bag (approximately 150mm), so the flow of the beans being transferred is not excessive. It is far easier with two people present – one to hold the capturing bean bag or liner open, the other person can then easily pour the beans from the plastic bag. If you have a few beanbags to fill, we suggest using a bucket or waste paper bin (with the bottom cut out) as a funnel. This will fit in the filling chute and acts as a funnel, minimizing the loss of beans.

Rather than over filling your bean bag, test it with varying amounts of filling while you are filling it. This is much easier than having to empty the inner bag back into the plastic bag!  BEAN BAGS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE FILLED TO CAPACITY - This places unnecessary pressure on the stitching, the zipper & the stitching.  


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