How do I clean my bean bag?

Your beanbag should be stored inside or in a shady area after outside use. They are not for permanent outdoor use or for permanent storage.

- Try to limit the time of sun exposure in order to prevent your bean bag from color fading.

- Limit the time of exposure to humidity & dry them properly to prevent mold.

- Make sure you dry your bean bag properly after contact with water.

- Please refrain from using your bean bag in the pool as the chlorine may react with the materials & damage them.

- Floating bean bags should be removed from the water after use and the water drained. It is best to then allow them to dry with fresh air and sun shine.


- Use a soft bristle brush together with warm water and a mild detergent to remove general dirty areas of the outside cover.

- Apply mild detergent and water to the designated area and brush with a circular motion, then wipe clean with a dry cloth.

- Remember not to use bleach to wash your bean bag outside cover.

- After washing the bean bag outside cover needs to be dried thoroughly before storage/use.

- The bean bag contains a safety zipper on the outside cover; it does not have a tab to pull. The purpose of this is to prevent small children from opening the bean bag. Follow the instructions to open the bean bag for the purpose of adding or removing filler beans. Take a small paper clip and slightly bend the prong outward. Thread the paper clip through the hole on the zipper latch. Pull the zipper open to reveal the inner cover with the beans inside.

Products with an inner liner: Only the outside cover of the bean bag can be washed. You can easily remove it from the inside liner containing the beads by undoing the child proof zipper.

Our Polyester Outdoor Bean Bags are not suitable for Dry Cleaning.  Do not Dry Clean your bean bag outside cover.

Our Polyester Outdoor Bean Bags are not suitable for Machine Washing. Do Not Place them in a Washing Machine. Machine Washing will destroy the bean bag & void your warranty.

Our Faux Fur Bean Bags are not suitable for Machine Washing and should be Dry Cleaned if required.  

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